I want you to feel vibrant, vital and alive both inside and out, so that you may enjoy all aspects of your life!

I specialize in pain management, stress response and gut health.

Like so many of you, I’ve had to overcome and work through my own life and health challenges. These events have certainly shaped and influenced all aspects of my work and health philosophy. Some of my health concerns, and conditions I treat, have included:


• Chronic childhood illness

• Decades of antibiotic use

• Years of debilitating headaches

• Environmental allergies

• Asthma

• Food sensitivities

• Obesity and weight-loss resistance

• Metabolic syndrome / Type 2 diabetes

• Insomnia and poor sleep

• Chronic Stress

• Fatigue

• Gut dysbiosis; including fungal infections, parasites


• Methylation dysfunction

• Fatty Liver disorders

• Skin disorders

• and more…

Whew, what a list? I’m sure you too have a list of aliments and disorders, diseases and symptoms that you’ve been struggling with, trying to cope with and receive help. If you’re like me (and considering you’re here reading my site you likely are) — you’re not receiving the care and results you need and want from mainstream and even alternative medical professionals. You’re fed-up. You’re tired. You’re desperate. Or perhaps you’ve just hit a point where you’re motivated to take some action! Regardless of where you are, I applaud you for getting to this point. Let me be honest - health and wellness are complicated! But you don’t have to work on it alone. What makes us healthy or what makes us sick is often complicated and interconnected. More often than not it’s not so easy as a "do this and don’t do that" recommendation. Here’s the great news… the human body and mind are amazingly adept at healing when properly supported. I consider myself a work-in-progress and I believe you too are a work-in-progress and together we’re going to work hard to shed some light and remove all the complexities surrounding health and wellness. I believe some of the most basic necessities to true recovery and healing start with a strong support foundation. Establishing a strong community with open communication and mutual respect are critical. My typical patients are people just like you: women and men – who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. With a growing list of ailments and symptoms that often go unresolved by mainstream medicine and are just overlooked — yet they are affecting your quality of life because they range anywhere from a little annoying to straight up debilitating! You’re here, because you know that things can’t continue the way they’ve been going. You already know that it’s time to start taking action now — and you believe it’s never too early or late to make changes. I work with people of all ages; but most of my patients do tend to be between 25 and 55 years of age. A majority of my patients come to work with me to deal with an initial primary concern, but often we discover several deeper concerns (I like to call them root concerns) are present. These root problems often cause the initial concern or are feeding into, while simultaneously causing other concerns as well. I take great care to help you see your body and mind from the most complete and affordable vantage point as possible and then I work to help you implement simple, yet profound systems to reverse, stop or change the state of diseases and disorders you experience. I believe in promoting the simplest efforts to gain the maximum response and therefore my treatments often include; diet and lifestyle changes, environmental considerations, supplements, herbals, botanicals and other natural modalities and considerations. My medical training began over a decade ago and continues to evolve as each day I continue to learn and grow as a practitioner thanks in large part to my mentors and my patients. My medical license is in Chinese Medicine, which stands as one of the oldest living forms of continued functional medicine on earth. You can learn more about my education journey by scrolling down below.


Jeremy’s Credentials:

• Kresser Institute ADAPT Framework Level One Training, 2017

• Dr. Richard Tan’s acupuncture systems & Bazi training, ongoing

• Midwest College of Ori ental Medicine, MS in Chinese Medicine, 2010

• Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, BS in Nutrition, 2010

• East West Healing Arts Institute, 2006

• University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, BA in Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, 2000

Degrees / Licenses:

• Washington Acupuncture Board Licensing

• Wisconsin Acupuncture Board Certification

• NCCAOM – Diplomate of Acupuncture • Master’s Degree (Chinese Medicine)

• Bachelor’s Degree (Nutrition Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice)

Authorizations / Certifications:

• Authorized Kresser Institute Trained Provider

• Dr. Tan BaZi certified consultant

• Dr. Tan trained global balance practitioner

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